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no rain. no beer. no explanation. hard times at westminster high school over the loss of a student. >> for $90 a pound, it is better. we will show you how this local company is treating that coffee like fine wine. >> and temperatures falling with the coldest air of the season. will we warm up in time for the season? >> i'm functional and able to talk to my daughter and participate in her life. >> tonight, that debate over medical marijuana. abc2 news starts now. we start with breaking news. northea baltimore. these pictures just back from the scene in the abc2 news that -- newsroom. police say an adult male has been shot. homicide detectives are investigating. you can get the latest on this story tonight or online or in the morning. >> we were all teenagers at
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once. we had dreams and goals. >> that is why this is so very hard. a young man's dreams and goals ended last night on a road in carroll county. look at. tough to hear the sound. >> i never heard any breaks or anything. ?the neighborhood knew her husband knew right away. >> it sounded like the door was slamming. it sounded like someone missed of the curb and hit the work truck. >> he walked around and saw the car over there. >> over :there was michael mcverry, a senior at westminster high. he did not make it. he was a passenger in a car driven by 18-year-old nicolas gaetani. their car cost -- crossed the lane. the driver was treated and released of that car. the neighborhood and school remains in shock. >> when the impact happened, it shook my house. that was my uxéfirst intention,
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was, did someone hit the house? or was there an explosion? >> when one hurts in carroll county, all her to. >> all of the residence around here responded as fast as they could. but there was not much we could do for the young tough to go t knowing what happened here. tough to get rid of the crashing sound. even harder to bury a son and a friend. >> it is a tough time for kids. it is a testing time. it is a test of character really. we can control how we overcome. y9vthat is coach brando johnson who coached michael's younger brother on the westminster freshman football team. the varsity football team is do the family on friday night when they pay it -- play sure what in the regional finals. police say there is no sign of alcohol or drugs that factored into this crash.
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we learned that the parents of a high school student ñcj÷m is now in police custody after police say he brought a gun to school. the man is a parent of a student at the academy nbíkeof college career exploration. police say he showed up today for parent-teacher conference and a gun fell under this -- onto the street. he was arrested at the school and there are no word on charges. police are looking for more victims of a baltimore county man accused of touching women inappropriately. jordan snider was arrested back in october for robbing and 88-year-old woman at the walgreens in carney. now ÷tudydetectives say he is responsible for two sexual assault. they say ñ-they happened in the same area. one on november 9, and the náu/ other back in february. snyder is being held without bail at the baltimore county detention center. detectives believe he may be behind a similar crimes. so call police if you have any information. for the third time this week, we ñ$utjare telling you
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a baltimore city police officer who is in trouble. this time it is for allegations of sexual abuse. robert santiago has been investigation happening in harford county. he is accused of sexually assaulting a connecticut girl who was visiting family and friends in edgewood. robert santiago was suspended back in june when he was accused of assaulting dsy%l)a neighbor the trial for that charge is later this month. do you recognize the faces? police and baltimore city say they assaulted someone earlier n this month. it happened near west lombard and howard street. the victim was taken to the hospital. if you know the people in these photos, you're asked to yáical police. call it we'd or pots or cannabis. >> i want to get you right into your first forecaster. it is a chilly weather scenario out there. twentys widespread. under a partly iñrcloudy sky. ry tonight and
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into the morning. there will be additional cloud ? cover. as a result, we may see l above l the upper-40s tomorrow. a brief frost in the morning when you wake up. heading up the door, 32. chris by lunch time at 46. we will talk about any warm up and l&çlook ahead to the big y pittsburgh game. all of that coming up. college cannabis or pots. call it what you want. but it is illegal to use marijuana -- marijuana in maryland. >> it is available and people say it should be more available for people cñpaíthat needed for medical purposes. christian schaffer takes a look at where the law stands right now in our state. >> there will be another push in the 2013 legislative session month. they hope that wider acceptance like places like washington and colorado might ease the bills passage in annapolis. >> this is my dream come true. >> not very much color xhç7v3i the south baltimore factory, but inside, everything rya-from bro
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not to mention -- >> this is sara, an air force veteran who left her job at the defense contract at fort meade to focus on her business full time. >> i making more #?x1ñdyed h6% and business has been brisk. >> sl,vawnñçshe has nine emp ships her yarn all over the world. >> none of them are exactly alike. >> while sales have not been a problem, her medical condition have. >> oi cé5rb÷nhave a lot of pa extending especially into my legs. >> sara suffers from multiple sources. >> multiple sclerosis. >> plus there is fatigue, confusion, t?ájkspeech problems features. friends and family suggested marijuana. ÷3fsix months hñn?into it and i was no gaining entry into my life, i 
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either in edible form of cannabis, or with a vaporizer, she uses it to control symptoms everyday. >> i'm not talking about a huge amount of cannabis. >> the only problem, marijuana &ain maryland. e.would have real -- legalized of the drug stalled in two years. the concern is federal enforcement. the head of the q=department o mental and health çgmhygiene sa that the legislation under consideration good place state employees at risk of federal prosecution cófor violation of the controlled substance act. because of this risk, unless and until federal policy changes, opposes the legislation. ele voters approved the recreational use of marijuana. it was already legal in those states with a doctors prescription. sara hopes that might convince
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governor o'malley. >> i would really like to see the governor open the way for us. that's all. >> a spokeswoman for governor o'malley says the governor is just beginning to form his legislative agenda for next year. it is to send to say whether he might consider any change to the administration's yi1i]bpositio christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> whether it is for medical or recreational use, we can take you back to the 80s when the mayor made national news. he was one of the first to call for decriminalization. "ué9qdrug addiction treated as a public health issue. not a criminal issue. listen to what he told congress back in 1988. >> eliminate criminal penalties for marijuana possession and reallocate resources from efforts to drug abuse or mention programs. >> he thought this p6çwas a da to curb drug addiction and trafficking. all he wanted was a did a -- was dz/ a debate.
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:za"[we first brought you story last night at 11:00. baltimore. now we know that there were twoc men shots. they were brothers and neither survived. police say the gunmen stormed into their homes shooting the brothers and their mother. she was shot in the face but survived. police say that the crime appears to be a targeted home invasion. they are looking for more than one suspect tonight. a man thought he 1%16óh> you see a lot of families here. you would not think this would happen. >> the employee is expected to survive. police are still looking for the man who pulled the trigger. imagine the best cup of coffee you have ever had. how much did you pay for it?
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to see one special coffee bean l[pb >> coffee is a routine here. like brushing your teeth are fighting traffic. the crew here, says coffee is ív an art. religion. >> beautiful flavors. >> while you are in the cafi enjoying one of the dozens of bruce they have to offer, they show us that they are busy roasting pt7wthe beans. f it is under watchful eye. he is an award-winning roaster known around the world. known around the worrdwe are ro about 3000 pounds a week.
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mexico, ethiopia, in columbia, you (hloçwill definitely ofind something to kickstart your heart in the morning. poif you really want to go past [bys÷the limits of your pa look hñljçxkno further than her >> )ezvñy)(u.pmcrshand a hqeúa coffee will run clothes to a c notes. you tçheard right. about $100 for a pound of coffee. >> ñpudxis as one of the most unique special coffees that you can find it. >> find. >> unique and well v according to the owner. produce about 360 ounces of a prepared beverage. that is about a 9-dollar bottle of wine. >> they will tell ? this is not something you want to drink everyday. >> :it is a vacation coffee. >> like johnny walker blue sky. %fw
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>> when it comes to that everyday pick me up, they want to keep your brew a little moref reasonable. abc2 news. >> ocrazy. pis that, depending on how the bean is roasted, it can carry a variety of different tastes. >> if you want to try to stick up, it is about $12. sbb)coming up next, go shopping for a new dress. take a few pictures. earn ó,wx3?'n to pad (axdyour pocketbook. . and the most powerful radar, crystal clear tonight. will we see rain by the end of the weekend? we have a story that will have o&cñyou wondering.
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an unbelievable story. we will be back in ó
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. a former cia director will testify in front of congress. there were concerns that his resignation would keep them from the embassy in libya. you will not get to hear what he closed-door session. there are new consequences tonight for the women involved in the affair that led to david for trace resignation. today, jill kelly lost all ovi privileges. and f;çuñthe ñnparmy 'hf'suspe broadwell security clearance. we first found >plz fa?he will cooperate with this investigation. sesame street yet. the show's producer say that baltimore native kevin clash, the voice behind elmo, will not returned to work afnp-right awa he owas accused of this week o
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having a sexual relationship with oa miner. but right away his accuser recanted ]ufeifthe allegations. for a quote for additional time to put this tdu/behind him. behind us. more than qc+÷half xabst4.ñof u a good number of people are probably using their credit present. you do have to be careful with credit. but there are ways to use it wisely. experts say you should look for ñ work for you. >> you can even use the it is a good idea to use your card as long as you don't =ctrack of what you are spending. >> the key is to make a budget and stick to it and factor in interest rates. speaking dyíof shopping, click on your app for news and directions and everything on your smart phone. there are /5tapps that can actually pay you money. >> you heard r'smbiró]yuñthat
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few extra bucks are deposited into your account. cheryl car shows us how to be financially spot with -- osmar with our smart phones. >> toasted bread, melted cheese. that is iç9jsnbñwamerican magic that in some extra dough and it doesn't get much better. the grilled cheese company makes the classic sam much with a twist. but the dough we are talking about is right here. and it all starts with a smart phone. >> %ñi(éit turns out that thos ávyou v÷cgig we followed mark to g%)ia job, took five minutes, and he made five bucks. >> lx!;/?]-cccs9i can see if gigs in the area and make $5 or $10 or $15. up to more than $1600 in just four months. he dedicates around four hours a week.
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it easy to earn a few extra bucks. 7r'# year. it is free to download and free7 to use. we skype to with the company in california. done in particular locations. and to do that, they either need to go to hire staffing agencies to ofind someone local for the . to craigslist and find people to do this work. 'y( in. you can choose from several jobs locally. >> this posting asked him to take pictures inside yçand out along with this panorami÷]view. the money is then paste in his account. >> a"n(
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!hbank account. and minimal time invested. q>> you don't have to be "9 z savvy. if you learn how to use an iphone or a app, it is easy. >> abc2 news. wçglright now, that is onl available to iphone users. but it is planning on going rqb android. our website. this brings us to the hot z topic tonight. we want to know, how much money would you have to make for the time involved with something like this, for it to be worth it? b
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we have high hé/ñthin clouds. and offshore, things getting a little more active. is. a big tip off the atlantic coast. we the -- think uythings will stay nex it could ñnbe breezy. but any storm to develop offshore is likely 0úato stay there out at sea. so that is good for the thanksgiving travel plans. more on that in a minute. thirty-three in baltimore. dew point is at 28. we could get ub we could follow all the way to the &pk!$zdew point. but at that point, you have 100% humidity and that is as low as you can go. weather throughout the day, i want to take you to where we have sunshine on tap. it was breezy. it felt like november. even )
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about the weather. i always like to do the school visits. temperatures tonight, continuing to fall. from the north and west, we have a north westerly wind. i think by daybreak tomorrow, we will be about two, three, or )]a="6vgmbelow zero. ree, or and could be in the upper-20s in the state. tomorrow we will bounce-back to the mid-40s with a mix of clouds and sun. i think we will stay below 50 on average. tomorrow night, another frigid night in the 20s and low 30s. but then ill begin the warm up tomorrow night and into friday. it will take a wild. we will rebound. see the clouds spreading from south to north right now.  that is going to continue to be the case tomorrow. again, just enough cloud cover not to produce rain but to filter the sunshine a little bit and hold down the warm up.
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the secret lives of those battling the most deadly vóati disorder in the country. that is coming up on nightline . be aware of bridge repairs tonight. and in baltimore county, crews continue to pour concrete on 795. one elaine will be shut down in both erections through 5:00 a.m. i will be tracking the delays o
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. a major medical breakthrough for families of loved ones in a coma or vegetative state. a canadian researcher found a way to communicate with the folks. shown in this video, a man suffered a serious brain injury. researchers from the university of western ontario scanned his brain several times. and they monitored his pattern of brain activity. they determined that he was able to clearly respond to some of the questions they were asking him. using a scan, scientists believe that he was able to tell them researchers say they can clearly tell that scott was not vegetative. >> i told him to imagine
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playing tennis. px this could suggest if he was in pain. >> professor owen says he hopes are that the research will help people with dramatic brain injuries better communicate with loved ones about their likes, dislikes and it needs. he has been doing this research for years. >> good stuff. and cold stuff on the weather front. you tw/cxñguys felt a chill out tonight. hcoats. >> it feels like december. early december. &bvjiúlé,hs
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. we need to call it a night. >> let's do it. what are your plans tomorrow? >> work. >> we will see you tomorrow. have a good night.
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